About Us

We believe businesses don’t have to spend a fortune or have an internal design team to create the social accounts and collateral graphics they really need.

We’ve worked with clients across a broad range of sectors and businesses to create effective, engaging and beautiful content that can be utilized across a wide range of applications. We really care about you, your business and your results and are excited we have been able to package up a product that works in with your business.

Sploot is run by a team of professional designers, strategists and social media account managers, led by Lis and Marisa. They recognized they were creating these services over and over again for clients within their own studios and wished to spin it out into a more effective product to provide strategic, beautiful work of this nature to all businesses.

We’ve bundled up these services into a smooth, efficient workflow so you benefit from highly detailed work, planning and scheduling everything ahead of time and under control. This is our job so you can focus on doing yours.

Whether you’re a small or large business, we can create exactly what you require within our packages and look forward to creating with you.